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Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate Now Available

Yesterday Microsoft issued the release candidate 1 for its Internet Explorer 8. So, the release is not far off and we can sum up what we’ll have with the new IE 8.


What’s new:

  • Accelerators. Great thing to get your usual things like e-mailing, translating words or looking for address in a mapping website done faster. Select the text on a web-page, right-click the selection and select the needed item from the Accelerators list. They are:

blogWindows Live;

bookmark and shareFacebook, Stumbleupon, Add to Any;

emailGmail, Windows Live Hotmail;

defineWikipedia, Encarta, Dictionary Reference;

find people Facebook, LinkedIn;

maps Google Maps, LiveMaps, Yahoo! Maps;

translateWindows Live Translator, Google Translate;

find producteBay;


search videoYouTube.

  • Web Slices. They let you easily and quickly access dynamic Web data like weather, eBay listings, digg’s top ten pages, stock quotes, etc. The full list of Web Slices to add to IE you can find here.
  • Suggested Sites. Click this item on the toolbar to see the list of sites you might like based on your browsing history. The feature can be turned on or off if needed.
  • Compatibility View. Make websites designed for older browsers look better in Internet Explorer 8. Compatibility View button is next to the Refresh button on the Address Bar.
  • InPrivate mode. The feature many people like about Safari and Chrome is Private browsing without saving browsing history. Now it’s also available in the Internet Explorer. Can be turned on from the Tools menu.
  • Security enhancements. SmartScreen Filter for better protection against deceptive and malicious websites is in the new Internet Explorer.

Small yet great changes:

  • Better tabs. They’re not only colored but also logically structured. When the tab is launched from one of already opened tabs, it’ll take the color of its parent tabs. The tabs of the same color are grouped together. New tab opens just near the parent tab, not in the other end of the browser. Also, when you create a new tab, you see not just a blank page, but the question What do you want to do next. And you can reopen closed tab, start Private browsing or use an accelerator directly from here. Also, not new but redesigned Quick Tabs button allows to view all tabs thumbnails in one tab.
  • Better toolbars management. Toolbars can be closed by simply clicking X button in the left side without opening Toolbars menu. To open a toolbar again, right-click toolbars area and check the needed toolbar.
  • Better Address and Search Bar. The new toolbar both predicts what web page you want to open while you’re typing a URL and group predictions by URL, Autocomplete Suggestion, History, Favorites, and Feeds.

What I miss:

  • of course, a download manager, which IE developers still seem to be something unnecessary, while I need it very much.


Everyone has its own opinion – that’s natural. Firefox fans can say that almost everything IE 8 offers can be done in Firefox with add-ons. And they’ll be right. Still, I think that the new Internet Explorer is worth trying and even using. At least to know what we’ll have with the new Windows 7. And I’m sure people who’re used to browse with IE 7 will welcome new features and abilities of this web browser.

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