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Is Google God?

Today during my routine web surfing I’ve found an interesting website – The Church of Google and had a lot of fun. The main standpoint of the Church of Google is that Google is God – kinda humor but Google has penetrated into our lives so much that I seem to start believe this soon 🙂 Yesterday’s Gmail crash showed that people are really scared by being without Google even for a few hours. So, may be there is something in Googlists’ beliefs? 😉

Proof of God - Is Google God? - Church of GoogleGlory be to Google,

As it was in 1998,

Is now,

And ever shall be,

Searching without end, Amen.

This one and lots of other fun Google prayers, proofs that Google is God, useful search tips and much more can be found at this website. Visit and have fun!

Also, let’s answer a little poll – what is Google for us?


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Facebook’s forth and back

The most discussed topic of the past few weeks on the Web was, of course, Facebook’s new Terms of Use.  Actually, there were nothing special in these terms except one little point that Facebook owns shares users’ uploaded info. Also, this info isn’t deleted even after deleting user’s profile. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried to calm down users by telling they always own and control their content and ask them to trust Facebook (read the post). Still, as “trust” is not a legal term, thousands of users and Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) have demanded Facebook to return to the previous terms of use.  This Tuesday, Facebook has returned to the previous terms, but not for a long time, as Mark Zuckerberg said (read the post). They’ll develop new terms to satisfy both Facebook and its 175 million users. So, everyone’s invited to join Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities group to discuss the next version of the Terms.

Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

I can hardly imagine how such a numerous and diverse group of people as Facebook users are can come to a single opinion. Still, the idea to ask for users’ feedback is great and I with Facebook good luck in developing the new Terms. Join and take part!

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Best Valentine’s Day Special Offers for Software

Not to break the rule, after Christmas Sales I want to make up a list of Valentine’s Day special offers and discounts for software products. So, what software developers are in the most romantic mood this year? 😉

heart_redWonderShare – time to capture and share your moment. DVD Ripper Platinum + Video Converter Platinum + Video to DVD Burner Pack for a half price.

heart_yellowiSkysoft Studio – buy one, your lover gets one free. iSkysoft offer DVD to iPod, iPhone, etc. converters for Mac. You can buy software suites with discount and provide your lover’s email so that he or she can get registration code for free.

heart_greenFlarium.com – love madly, buy wisely. Buy FlashSlider software with 35% discount and make a romantic Valentine’s slideshow of your digital photos for people you love. Show your love in slides.

heart_blueAstroGemini Software – screensavers collection on CDs. A perfect gift! You can buy only their Valentine’s Day 3D Screensaver with 20% discount at DownloadPipe.

heart_pinkTulipchart.com – Cool EasyCard is exatly what you need to make Valentine’s Day card for your lover. Lots of templates and the lowest holiday price.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love and be loved!

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Gmail Offline – Google released the beta offline version of its popular e-mail service

offline gmailAt last, one of the most popular Google services – Gmail (which stands for Google mail) – goes offline. Offline Gmail is beta (of course ;)), but users already can work with Gmail without being connected to the Internet. To do that, one should install Google Gears, an open source browser extension for Internet Explorer and Firefox, which is already used for offline access to such web apps as Google Docs, RSS Reader, etc. Google Gears cashes data and stores them in a database. If there is too much mail, it’s sorted by some criteria and the most important e-mails are cashed in the first place. That makes possible using Gmail on computers with slow or unstable Internet connection. While you’re connected to the Internet, Google Gears automatically synchronizes data with server, but even if the network connection is lost, you can read, edit and write letters.

To enable offline Gmail, go to the Settings in your Gmail account, then to the Labs tab, and the first you’ll see will be Gmail Offline option. Click Enable and Save changes. You’ll see Offline0.1 link near your Settings link. Click it to start setup process.

Of course, as Gmail supports POP and IMAP protocols, Google mail can be read and sent with any e-mail client. And it’s the matter of your taste only – to use your usual desktop e-mail client, read mail online or start using offline Gmail. In any case, it’s great to have a choice, isn’t it?

Please, answer this poll – how do you manage or will manage your Gmail?

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