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March’s most interesting and important news


My dear readers, this post will be the starting point of my monthly summaries of interesting and important news from all around the Web. I’ll be glad to see your comments, feedback or additions.

So, let’s start:

1. Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 Final. It can be downloaded from here. Read more about the new features of IE8.

2. Gmail added new features to Labs:

3. Microsoft launched The WorldWide Telescope Web Client Alpha to let you explore the univerce from within your browser. Web Client requires Microsoft Silverlight to be installed on your computer. It has less features than Windows client, but it’s still a great innovation, and a probable competitor of Google Sky.

4. Google made improvements to search results pages:

  • More useful related searches is now can be found for every query.
  • Longer snippets (a few lines of text that describe found pages in search results) for long queries.

5. Twitter fans was fooled by BBspot’s “Twitter Premium Account” hoax.

6. Blizzard improved their popular Battle.net. The main change is a “centralized account system that will let players manage all of their Blizzard Entertainment games, including World of Warcraft and future games, in one place without having to remember multiple sets of login information.”

This is what the March was for Internet community. And now we’re waiting for April and its news and innovations.

March 26, 2009 - Posted by | internet, Web 2-0


  1. Hi, Miss Techie, I guess I am not technical, I only use all the basic functions on all appliances and computer programs.

    Comment by Jade | March 27, 2009

  2. Ha, I was fooled with twitter accs too ^0^. I thought it was true and even thought about paying for one account

    Comment by Meng | April 2, 2009

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