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Google’s equipment – today and in the past

At Google Data Center Energy Summit on April 1, 2009, Google first time showed off its self-designed and built Web server and its “Container” data center. The videos are impressive of themselves, but they become even more impressive if you know what equipment Google had back in 1998:

  • Two 300 MHz Dual Pentium II servers with 512 MB of RAM;
  • IBM donated F50 IBM RS6000 with 4 processors and 512MB of memory
  • Sun Ultra II with dual 200MHz processors, and 256MB of RAM
  • And a few hard drives  from 4 to 9 GB


The photo and hardware list are taken from http://backrub.c63.be.

April 10, 2009 - Posted by | Google


  1. It’s hard to imagine that Google was like this! 🙂 Great info.

    Comment by Guest | April 16, 2009

  2. Glad you liked this. I was impressed too 🙂

    Comment by MissTechie | April 16, 2009

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