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Google Squared – the New Shape of Search

Do you yahoo? Remember that question? In spite of all Yahoo efforts, “yahoo” hasn’t become the verb that means “search”. Everyone knows the word which means web search nowadays – it’s “google”. And now Google takes one more step towards leadership – the new search tool Google Squared released last week.

What’s great:

  • search results are displayed as a chart which gives not only links, but also other related information. For example:Google_Squared
  • rows and columns in a result chart can be added or removed. ‘Add column’ field suggests various parameters to add or allows to type your own.
  • squares can be saved to your Google account and easily removed when they are not needed.

What can be better:

  • amount of search results is extremely small in comparison with the amount for the same queries in usual Google Search.
  • in most cases, column values for one item are taken from different websites that can adversely affect search relevance. Nevertheless, you can view other values for most parameters and choose the most reliable one.

Google Squared still needs a bit of work, but it has a potential to simplify and improve web search in the future.

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June 11, 2009 - Posted by | Google, search engines


  1. Google never stops. And that’s great %)

    Comment by thefire1978 | June 15, 2009

  2. Google Squared appears to be similar to my patent application:

    Frankly, I am getting a Déjà vu effect while going through the “Google Squared” application because it appears to be very similar in function to my United States patent application which was filed on April 12, 2007 and as publicly disclosed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on October 16, 2008, when the patent application was published.

    My patent application is titled as “Method And System For Research Using Computer Based Simultaneous Comparison And Contrasting Of A Multiplicity Of Subjects Having Specific Attributes Within Specific Contexts” bearing Document Number “20080256023” and Inventor name “Nair Satheesh” which may be viewed at http://patft.uspto.gov/ upon Patent Applications: Quick Search.

    Google Squared appears to be using at least some if not many of the same methods and systems as set forth by me more than two years ago in my patent application. In fact there are many more methods and systems disclosed in my patent application which I believe will help resolve certain inaccuracies found in current Google Squared application.

    I have issued legal notices to Google through my Patent Attorney in the US but Google has not responded yet to any of my notices.

    Comment by Nair Satheesh | August 21, 2009

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