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Hi, my name is Helen. I am the Head of Marketing and Sales in software development company. Every day I surf the web for tech, software and web 2.0 news.
Here, in my blog, I would like to share my thoughts about the most important and innovative tools or internet services.

Call me Miss Techie!



  1. Hi Helen,

    The blog looks very nice and it’s great to see that you care to update. First couple of times I hit it through StumbleUpon and neglected it (sorry, not all SU hits are great) but once I looked closer it’s getting interesting. I’d be glad to contribute at least with some new information, so write back sometime.
    Once again, nice blog, keep it up.
    Take care

    Comment by Anon | December 5, 2008

  2. Hey Anon,
    thank you very much for your feedback and I am really happy, that you like my blog :)!

    I will do by best to make the blog more and more interesting.

    Take care,

    Comment by MissTechie | December 5, 2008

  3. Hi Helen,

    I must say, You have a Great Blog going here. It has good news and is very informative.

    Keep the good work!


    Comment by Anukul | December 19, 2008

  4. Hi Helen (Miss Techie),
    What a bright, colorful, fun, informative, and interesting blog you have! It shows you love of the ”Tech world”. I found you on StumbleUpon and must say your “easy on the eyes” just like your Blog. I look forward to your future intelligent reviews of the cyber world with you as a guide. Your company is fortunate to have you! I would love to get you take on maybe the Top ten Freeware or open source programs you admire if your into that area of software. Keep up the good work! Thanks “Miss Techie”!
    John –From the Mid West USA!

    Comment by John | January 25, 2009

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