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Tips and tricks to customize WordPress.com blog

If you have a blog at WordPress.com, you know that inspite of all good features, WordPress.com customization is very poor. WordPress dot com doesn’t allow third-party widgets, doesn’t accept certain html tags, and so on, and so on. Still, there are some tricks you can use to add something interesting to your wordpress blog. This links collection is especially for you, my fellow wordpress[dot]com bloggers!

1. GetSocial – the best thing ever: easy adding social bookmarks buttons to WordPress.com

2. Free surveys and polls – a list of free services that will help you to add polls and surveys to your WordPress.com blog

3. Easy comments moderation – shortcuts for quicker and easier moderation of your WordPress.com blog comments

4. Easy post editing – keyboard shortcuts that will enhance your WordPress.com visual editor

5. Free copyrights for your blog – protect your content by adding free copyright

6. AddThis button for sidebar – how to use AddThis button in your WordPress.com blog sidebar properly

Hope you’ll like these links just like I do!

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Statistics Charts for WordPress Blogs

Yesterday I read post How to create statistics chart for your blog on Flash’y’mania blog and I was fascinated with the animated Flash chart displaying blog visitors statistics. And of course, I want such a chart for my blog. But, as you probably know, WordPress doesn’t support Flash. I was angry with them about this many times and this chart was one more reason to be disappointed with WordPress limitations. Nevertheless, there is no sense in being angry, so I began to think what can I do to place chart like this on my blog. I’ve found the only solution – to create static chart and save it as image so that it can be published to WordPress.

Of course, I lose some advantages by replacing flash graph with a static image graph. Charts in Flash format are animated, interactive and even can display dynamic data.  But having no alternatives here on WordPress, I still tried to create image chart. I used the same software as the Flash’y’mania author did – Animated Chart. Animated Chart tool can save charts both as Flash and as images. What’s great – Animated Chart lets save template charts, so when I decide to replace chart to display the newer data, I won’t have to create its design from the very beginning, I’ll only need to open a template file and replace chart data with a newer one. Besides, data import from file helps to enter even a large amount of data in minutes. So, image chart is rather handy too.


This is the chart I created, but what I really want is Flash support at WordPress. Still, I know this is much harder to get than a nice blog stats chart 🙂

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Technorati State of the Blogosphere Report 2008

This week, Technorati – the most popular blog search engine – releases its newest State of the Blogosphere Report 2008.
This year’s report is divided into 5 parts (or 5 days). Below are the most interesting findings of the first day.

Quick facts about blogging 2008

1. 133 million blogs indexed since 2002 vs. 70 million blogs in April 2007.
2. 900K blogs are created every day vs. 120K in 2007.
3. 10 blogs are created every second in 2008.
4. Daily number of posts is now only about a million vs. 1.4 million posts a day in 2007.

Blogosphere’s growth in 2008 is still impressive.

Hot trend of blogosphere in 2008 is growing popularity of blogs vs. the mainstream media

2007: 22 blogs are in the Top 100 list of the most popular websites.
2008: 4 of 10 Top entertainment sites are blogs, and two of them take the first and the second positions.

In 2008 blogs are changing their format and the difference between top blogs and classic mainstream media became less and less clear. This fact is also emphasized in the report: “Larger blogs are taking on more characteristics of mainstream sites and mainstream sites are incorporating styles and formats from the Blogosphere”.

Who is blogging or how does a blogger look in 2008?

Technorati also pays great attention to the bloggers – who they are, where they are from, why and about what they are blogging, etc.

Here are some of the highlights:
1. Two-thirds of all bloggers are male;
2. 50% are aged 18-34;
3. Bloggers are more affluent and educated than the general population (70% have college degrees);
4. 44% of bloggers are parents.

Reasons why people blog by popularity

1. To share their opinions and experience with others.
2. To meet new friends and like minded people.
3. Business or self promotion.

So, if you’re interested in blogosphere life, visit Technorati site to read the full report.

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