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Unusual traffic boosters

So much is written about traffic boosters and how to generate traffic for a website. There are techniques everyone knows about and almost everyone uses – keyword targeting, creating good content, link building, joining online communities, providing newsletters, etc. I’m tired to read about it, and you? All of these are so well-known that they became boring. It’s time to look for something new:

  • Making links attractive for visitors. Assuming you’ve found where to place links to your website – on your partner’s websites, on your blog, etc. – how will you make visitors click them? How will they attract the attention of your potential visitors? Usual textual links have minimal visibility and don’t excite interest. Pictures are much better – they attract attention and give an idea about what visitors can find by clicking the link. But moving pictures, like a slideshow, are even better. Moving objects are the first we see on a web page. That’s why creating a slideshow, even as small as a size of the smallest banner block on a sidebar, can make your link more visible and therefore more clickable. It’s better to make slideshows with built-in links. Also, different links can be assigned to different slides to drive traffic exactly to the web pages you need. Such slideshows can be easily created with the special software, for example, with the tool I’ve already recommended you – FlashSlider.


  • Localization and geographical targeting. Do you know that English is spoken by only 35% of Internet users? Do you know that only ≈40% of queries on search engines are submitted in English? Do you know that search engines offer different results for the same queries depending on the user’s location? Websites to be displayed on the first page of search results are websites targeted for certain location. So, if your website is targeted globally, it can be ranked lower than websites with the similar content targeted for the place where the search query comes from. The first thing you can do is to translate a website at least to languages you know. The more languages, the better results. Language of the website is one of the main factors search engines take into account to determine its geographical belonging. The next is to make geographic targeting for a website, especially if it has a neutral top-level domain (e.g. com, org). Of course, if you really target globally, you shouldn’t exclude your potential visitors by setting local targeting, in this case you’d better to translate your website to different languages.
  • Traffic Programmer. A neat Firefox add-on: without registering and logging or providing any personal info, you become a member of web surfers network. You auto-surf other members’ websites, they surf yours generating the unique traffic for you. This is the simplest you can do. Unlikely to social networks, communities and bookmarking services, it doesn’t require much time and work from you. Everyone who has ever worked with social networks knows that to drive a real traffic from here, you have to spend hours every day. That’s why I like Traffic Programmer – it generates unique traffic with no efforts.

That’s the traffic generators I use. I’ll be glad to learn about yours in comments!


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