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Key features of wallpaper management software – make the right choice!

Wallpaper manager is a program which helps you to manage your desktop wallpapers, change them automatically at specified time intervals, make background images fit your desktop perfectly, etc.

Reasons to use wallpaper management tool on your PC:

  • You want to change your desktop look and feel every day or on every startup but have no time to choose another wallpaper each time, wallpaper manager can do that for you.
  • You have tons of digital images and need to organize them into handy lists of backgrounds to choose from, wallpaper manager will be of use too.

Features which will help you to manage your desktop backgrounds effectively:

Wallpaper changer. Automatic wallpaper changer is a key feature of wallpaper manager. Also, make sure that wallpaper manager has an option of random wallpaper changer.

Multiple wallpaper lists. This option is really helpful, especially for different users of one computer. A perfect wallpaper manager must allow easy editing and changing wallpaper lists.

Changing wallpaper on the fly. You may want to change your desktop background at any moment. Not to waste time for opening program window, choose wallpaper manager which allows changing wallpapers using hotkeys or directly from tray or desktop menus.

Image positioning. Great feature which enables you to set the position of background directly in wallpaper manager software. Good wallpaper managers usually offer more image positions than Windows does. Each of them has different benefits – one allows setting individual positions for each image, another provides image stretching without distortion to fit widescreen monitors, etc. Take it into consideration while choosing the software.

Besides, you should check OS support and supported file formats to make sure that your wallpaper manager will meet your requirements.

From theory to practice. What wallpaper manager can I recommend?

I use Screen Calendar to manage my desktop backgrounds. Do you think I’ve mistaken because Screen Calendar is a calendar software, as its name says? No, I really mean this. Screen Calendar has all the features of wallpaper manager. First of all, it’s a wallpaper changer which switches desktop background at specified time intervals (from 5 minutes to 1 month), on specified weekdays, at exact time or on every startup. Wallpapers can be chosen randomly from folder or from background list.

Screen Calendar has built-in background list editor, which allows you to create as many lists as you want with ease. Images can be previewed directly from editor that simplifies list editing very much. Program saves background list as a text file and allows editing existing text files. Each list is available for further use, so you can create different lists for different users or for different conditions and change them with a few mouse clicks.

Screen Calendar allows changing desktop wallpaper on the fly using tray menu (Screen Calendar’s icon sits in system tray for easy access to all the options). Two mouse clicks or pressing a hotkey will switch your background at any moment.

Screen Calendar automatically makes background image aligned to certain place on a desktop, tiled or stretched to fit your screen. It may seem that all of these background positions are available in Windows’s display properties, but Screen Calendar allows more options of image positioning. At first, it allows placing image not only in the center of your desktop but everywhere you need it to be. Also, Screen Calendar provides stretching image without distortion to fit any monitor, including widescreen. That’s what you can’t do with Windows.

Screen Calendar doesn’t interfere with Windows themes and supports semi-transparent Windows’s taskbar. Besides being a full-featured wallpaper manager, Screen Calendar is a full-functional desktop calendar with day scheduler, reminder, MS Outlook and iCalendar support.

So, that’s why I use Screen Calendar. Download free trial version and make sure that it’s a perfect wallpaper manager and calendar planner in one software.


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