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Google SearchWiki – how to use or how to get rid of

Google SearchWikiThis week Google launched SearchWiki – a new tool for editing and marking up Google search results. It’s an addition to user interface which allows promoting or removing search results. By clicking promote and remove buttons, you re-order search results to your liking. Also, you can add public notes to search results and even add web pages to search results for any query. Sounds great, but why many people are so critical of SearchWiki. Let’s see:

1. Your promoting or removing pages affects only your future searches for the current query or very similar queries. So, if you remove the page you don’t like and never want to see again from search results for one query, that doesn’t mean you won’t see it in results for other queries. Also, that means that even if a lot of users dislike certain page, it can still be in top for certain queries, the only thing changes is number of people who promoted or removed the page (it’s shown under the search result description).

2. If the results of voting don’t affect somebody else’s search, the comments can be public only. I’d like to have an opposite situation. I’d rather have a possibility to make private comments (for me only, or maybe for me and my Google friends), and see the search results based on people’s votes. But… we have what we have.

3. And the thing people hate most of all is that we’re unable to opt out SearchWiki. Actually, I want to search in the way I prefer, not in the way Google does. So I believe SearchWiki must be optional, not obligatory addition. And… hurrah! – there is a kind man who helps us to turn SearchWiki on/off when we need – Franz Enzenhofer coded Firefox Greasemonkey enhancement called SearchWiki on/off! Install it and enjoy search with or without SearchWiki – as you want.

Click to turn SearchWiki on/off

Click to turn SearchWiki on/off


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