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Google’s Chrome is out of beta. What’s the hurry?

google_chromeToday, Google announced that their Chrome leaves beta. This was really fast – about three month to make browser stable and fast enough to take off  ‘beta’ label. It is a little strange for me to see Chrome 1.0 because major release must introduce new features, and Chrome 1.0 doesn’t. Yes, Chrome is rather fast and stable, but it still doesn’t have such important features as add-ons and built-in RSS reader, although everyone expected them to be in a non-beta version. So, what’s the hurry? It’s easy to understand – beta version can’t be preinstalled on a new computers. So, now we can expect that Google will try to conclude contracts with OEM (original equipment manufacturers). Maybe, your next computer will be with preinstalled Chrome :).

In spite of all unfinished tasks, let’s congratulate Chrome developers with the 1.0 version and wish them to make Chrome even better. Chrome 1.0 can be downloaded from here.



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Flock browser – new way of social browsing

Last week, the new 2.0.2 version of Flock web browser was released. If you haven’t try Flock, you have to download the new version and experience the new dimension of web browsing. It’s a perfect browser for everyone who is in social media, blogging, sharing etc.

  • All social profiles and web-based applications you use can be integrated into the Flock browser for easier access and managing. Flock automatically connects you with over 20 of your favorite online services including MySpace, Twitter, Digg, Facebook, YouTube, LiveJournal, Flickr, Picasa etc.
  • Uploading, saving and sharing pictures becomes as easy as dragging and dropping them.
  • Blog post can be created and published immediately from the built-in browser editor.
  • All your RSS feeds are aggregated in a handy reader.
  • Web Clipboard allows saving text, links and images for later use, emailing or posting them to blog directly from the clipboard.


Flock is powered by Mozilla that means you can enjoy all advantages of Firefox 3 along with the easy and fast access to social communities and media providers, install any Firefox add-on, and enjoy well-known Mozilla browser security. Also, search the web with the most advanced Search toolbar available today.

So, for now I Flock

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